Wok Round Bottom (15 Inch) 10×1 Pcs


Inch Cast Iron Pan, Traditional Handwork Uncoated Fry Wok

Why choice our cast iron wok?

Fry wok is made from hand hammered iron craft inherited from the Qing Dynasty of China. It has a history of 00 years and the craftsmanship is mature and superb. The advantages of our products?

— Traditional hand hammered wok— the safest cooking utensils. Experts strongly recommend using a hand-wrought iron pan as a daily cooking utensil. It has a physical non-sticky and the surface does not contain any chemical coating. It is very safe and healthy

— Our products are made of high quality wrought iron. The wok body is dense and durable. The time it is used longer, the effect is better. High quality wooden handle

— Heat evenly, retains nutrition and delicious food

— The more you use the wok, the better the time

— Proper weight, Sufficient capacity. Easy cooking, delicious food for the whole family

Wok pan – The name of a deep pan with a round bottom of a small diameter.

The main purpose of wok – “stir-fry”: fast frying with frequent stirring on a hot skillet. But other than that, Wok pan can be used as container for deep hot oil frying and for preparation of various soups, and as a steamer, This steel wok is suitable for open fire and you can even take it with you to outside and surprise friends with unbelievable Chinese dishes. Do not forget to season a carbon steel wok

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